Iowa Sticks Rookie Academy

Luke Eldred

T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Rookie Co-Director

Program Description

The Iowa Sticks Rookie Academy is designed for baseball players aged 7U-8U (Athletes age on April 30 of the baseball season determines age group) to introduce players to the beginning stages of comprehensive baseball training and a first touch into the competitive baseball world.

Developmental Training

This training is at the core of the entire Sticks program. Training is the focus for all levels of the Iowa Sticks. Members of the Iowa Sticks Rookie Academy will be provided training by the high level coaching staff at all training and practice sessions. All Rookies will participate in Developmental Training

Quick Info
  • This training will take place at various locations including Sportsplex West in Waukee, Holiday Park in WDM, and potentially other local indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Early January – Late February developmental training (one night per week, no activities over Holiday breaks).
  • Late February – June (two nights per week)
  • Approximately 30-35 training sessions during the course of the season.
Two additional areas of participation:
League Play - All members will participate in League play
  • CBL of Iowa and/or OBL (Open Baseball League)
  • Inter-academy game
  • Volunteer parents will coach during League games.
  • 8U - kid pitch, 7U - coach pitch
Competitive Tournament Play
  • Players are SELECTED for this portion of the program by the Iowa Sticks coaching staff
  • Selections are based on data collected by the staff over the course of Developmental nights from January - February.
Players chosen for the tournament portion of the program information:
  • Parent volunteers coach at the tournament games
  • Families only pay for the tournaments that they attend/are selected to play in
  • Potential of up to 6 tournaments
  • Cost of tournament play TBA


Tournament Schedules
14u Red Schedule
No items found.
13u Red Schedule
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13u White Schedule
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