High School Prep Program

Evan Romanchuk

Director of High School Development

Program Description

The Iowa Sticks have designed a premium High School Prep Program for 13u and 14u players that are serious about playing high school baseball. Feedback from high school coaches in the area is that players are not ready for high school baseball their Freshman year. So, the Iowa Sticks High School Program has developed a prep program for 13u and 14u players.

The Iowa Sticks High School Prep program has been designed based on our highly successful high school program. In the past 5 years, the Iowa Sticks High School program has sent over 100 players onto college baseball.

The High School Prep Program off season portion will consist of
  • Bat speed
  • Arm strength
  • Foot speed
  • Overall baseball IQ
The program includes
  • 50 one hour High School Enhancement Sessions
  • 6 Individual Lessons
  • 1 team practice a week beginning in February and 2 a week after Spring Break
  • Unique competition experiences consisting of invite only Perfect Game and Prep Baseball Report tournaments and leagues (additional fees required)
  • Will also attend top USSSA tournaments (additional fees required)
  • The option for players that are playing school baseball to just participate until May 1, which is the start of school baseball activities.

High School Enhancement Sessions
  • Players will be given their chosen High School Skills Sessions to use at their discretion throughout the season through Sportsplex West.
  • High School Skill Sessions are one hour in length and will be offered throughout the week.
  • You may enroll in any of the following programs with your HS Skills Sessions at your convenience
  1. Bat speed Enhancement
  2. Hitting Sessions
  3. Fielding Sessions with Fungo man
  4. D1 Training/Project 90 Long Toss/Velocity Enhancement Program
  5. Advanced Catching Enhancement
  6. D1 Training 60 yard dash Enhancement

Bat Speed Enhancement
1 hour bat speed enhancement sessions are offered weekly. The program consists of heavy bat, overload bat, underload bat, one handed bat and weighted batting gloves. The program will also incorporate med ball work to build strength in the players core which highly important to develop power.

Hitting Enhancement Sessions
Will consist of batting practice working on mechanics and getting reps.

Private Hitting/Pitching Lessons
If chosen, players will have private hitting or pitching lessons to work on the mechanics of their game. This is the best time of year to make changes to your game and develop the muscle memory need for it to translate to games in the spring. The ability to get a weekly lesson will be key to making the adjustments needed.

Velocity Enhancement
A throwing program designed to strengthen your arm and enhance throwing velocity. The program will consist of Pre-throwing arm exercises with bands, long toss and post-throwing program ran by D1 Sports Training

Fielding Enhancement
Fielding sessions on the brand new X-Grass turf where you will be able take game like ground ball from the incredible computer programmed Fungo Man. This machine is what the top colleges in the nation use to maximize reps with game like ground balls.

60 Yard Enhancement
Ran by D1 Sports Training the best and most comprehensive program to cut time off your 60 yard dash.


Players will receive 6 private lessons to use at their discretion, to work on pitching, hitting, catching, or fielding in a 1 on 1 setting


The Iowa Sticks Prep Program will compete in national and regional Perfect Game and Prep Baseball Report events and Leagues. This will give players an advantage as it will make them familiar with the High School format of games and the recruiting process for college earlier than any one else. We will also attend the top USSSA events locally. All tournaments and leagues are optional so you only pay if you would like to participate in these events.


Practices will begin the first week of February and will meet 1 time a week until spring break. This weekly practice will focus on getting the players are in shape for throwing/pitching and will involve Long toss/arm care/bullpens. After spring break there will be two program practices a week with one practice again focusing on arm care/bullpens and hitting and the other being a team style practice outdoors on the field.

For more information please email Evan Romanchuk eromanchuk@sportsplexwest.com

Shoot us an email for questions, comments and concerns

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